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How it all began…

We wanted to buy the Playmobil doll house for our daughter but the original model was no longer available. Since we liked the original model more than the newer houses, we started looking at sites selling second-hand vintage Playmobil to see if we could buy either the complete house or the separate parts. It was a joy every time we found a site with a part we had been looking for and step by step we came closer to a finished doll house. At our attic we had a big box of vintage Playmobil which we kept from our own youth but this contained mainly “boys” Playmobil and our daughter was not interested in this. We decided to start selling the Playmobil from the attic to other people who wanted to complete or expand their collection. One thing led to another and now, a few years later, our daughter is happily playing with her Playmobil doll house. The original box of playmobil from the attic is empty but we took the next step and created this webshop to keep on selling Playmobil.



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